Esquire catalogue number by Prestige number

Peter Newbrook’s UK Esquire label released Prestige recordings pretty well in sync with the US release. With just a few exceptions, during the life of the label –  1956 and 1964  – the sequential issue of catalogue numbers  correlate with the issue of their Prestige source counterparts. (shown below in chart form for my 61 Esquires, followed by the whole schedule)

Esquire and Prestige catno correlation

Note: not all Prestige releases made it to Esquire, and not all Esquire releases were of Prestige recordings.

Full Schedule (baring a few gaps)

Esquire 32-001 Ronnie Scott Jazz Club – Volume 1  –
Esquire 32-002 Ronnie Scott Jazz Club – Volume 2  –
Esquire 32-003 Ronnie Scott Jazz Club – Volume 3  –
Esquire 32-006 Ronnie Scott Jazz Club – Volume 4  –
Esquire 32-007 Humph Lyttleton Delving Back With Humph
Esquire 32-009 Milt Jackson Milt Jackson Quartet  7003
Esquire 32-011 Stan Getz Collates  7002
Esquire 32-012 Miles Davis The Musings Of Miles 7007
Esquire 32-013 Donald Byrd Byrds Eye  TR LP J4
Esquire 32-014 Gerry Mulligan Mulligan’s Too  7006
Esquire 32-015 Betty  Barclay’s War Of Roses  –
Esquire 32-016 Wardell Gray Memorial Vol.1 7008
Esquire 32-017 Sam Gary Sings  –
Esquire 32-018 Jazz In A Stable The Boston Scene  –
Esquire 32-019 Donald Byrd Byrd Jazz  TR LP J5
Esquire 32-020 Phil Woods Woodlore 7018
Esquire 32-021 Miles Davis The New Miles Davis Quintet 7014
Esquire 32-022 Eric Betty Eric Silk The Two Erics  –
Esquire 32-023 Wardell Gray Memorial Vol.2 7009
Esquire 32-024 Milt Jackson Modern Jazz Quartet In Hi Fi 7005
Esquire 32-025 Sonny Rollins Plus 4 7038
Esquire 32-026 Phil Woods Quill Byrd Dorham Pairing Off 7046
Esquire 32-027 Lee Konitz Collates 7004
Esquire 32-028 Miles Davis Changes 7034
Esquire 32-029 Hank Mobley Mobleys Message 7061
Esquire 32-030 Miles Davis Collector’S Item 7044
Esquire 32-031 The Happy Wanderers  In London (Trad   Jazz)  –
Esquire 32-032 George Wallington Jazz For The Carriage Trade 7032
Esquire 32-033 Frank Foster Elmo Hope Wail 7021
Esquire 32-034 Tadd Dameron Fontianebleau 7037
Esquire 32-035 Sonny Rollins Perspectives  7029
Esquire 32-036 J J Johnson/Winding/Green Trombone By Three 7023
Esquire 32-037 Art Farmer Gigi Gryce Wild Party 7017
Esquire 32-038 Sonny Rollins Worktime 7020
Esquire 32-039 Elmo Hope Sextet Informal Jazz 7043
Esquire 32-040 Jon Eardley Down East 7033
Esquire 32-041 Jackie Mclean Lights Out! 7035
Esquire 32-042 Art Farmer Septet Charts 7031
Esquire 32-043 Barbara Lea Nobody Else But Me  7065
Esquire 32-044 Marchin’ w/ Happy Wanderers Marchin’  –
Esquire 32-045 Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus 7079
Esquire 32-046 Red Garland Trio A Garland of Red 7064
Esquire 32-047 Gene Ammons Blue And Sentimental  7039
Esquire 32-048 Miles Davis Cookin’ 7094
Esquire 32-049 Sonny Stitt Bud Powell JJ Johnson S.P.J  7024
Esquire 32-050 Phil Wood Gene Quill Phill And Quill 7115
Esquire 32-051 Mose Allison Back Country Suite 7091
Esquire 32-052 Various Conception  7013
Esquire 32-053 The Second City Jazzman  A Tribute To Madge  –
Esquire 32-054 Bobby Jaspar Herbie Mann Flute Souffle 7101
Esquire 32-055 Moondog Moondog  7042
Esquire 32-056 Red Garland Trio  Groovy 7113
Esquire 32-057 Paul Quinichette On The Sunny Side 7103
Esquire 32-058 Sonny Rollins John Contrane Tenor Madness 7047
Esquire 32-059 Coltrane Sims Cohn Mobley Tenor Conclave 7074
Esquire 32-060 Phil Woods Donald Byrd The Young Bloods 7080
Esquire 32-061 Tyree Glenn At The Embers  –
Esquire 32-062 Miles Davis Featuring Sonny Rollins  7012
Esquire 32-063 Barbara Lea Lea In Love 7100
Esquire 32-064 Aaron Sachs Clarinet And Co.  –
Esquire 32-065 Thad Jones Frank Wess Olio  7084
Esquire 32-066 Ray Bryant Trio Ray Bryant Trio 7098
Esquire 32-067 Paul Quinichette And Other For Basie 7127
Esquire 32-068 Miles Relaxin’ 7129
Esquire 32-069 Yusef Lateef The Sounds Of Yusef 7122
Esquire 32-070 Gil Evans Gil Evans And 10 7120
Esquire 32-071 Mose Allison Trio Local Color 7121
Esquire 32-072 Art Farmer Donald Byrd 2 Trumpets 7062
Esquire 32-073 Hal Mckusick Triple Exposure 7135
Esquire 32-074 Phil Woods Quill Shihab Stein Four Altos 7116
Esquire 32-075 Sonny Rollins Rollins Plays For Bird 7095
Esquire 32-077 Gene Ammons Funky 7083
Esquire 32-079 John Coltrane s/t 7105
Esquire 32-080 Thad Jones After Hours 7118
Esquire 32-082 Colman Hawkins Blues Groove  7138
Esquire 32-083 Mose Allison Young Man Mose 7137
Esquire 32-084 Lester Young Paul Quinichette For Lady  7106
Esquire 32-085 Sonny Rollins Tour De Force 7126
Esquire 32-086 Shirley Scott Trio Great Scott 7143
Esquire 32-087 Count Basie Reunion  7147
Esquire 32-088 Miles Davis Blue Haze 7054
Esquire 32-089 John Coltrane Soultrane 7142
Esquire 32-090 Miles Davis Bags Groove 7109
Esquire 32-091 John Coltrane John Coltrane Red Garland Trio 7123
Esquire 32-092 Tiny Grimes/’Lockjaw’ Davis Callin’ The Blues 7144
Esquire 32-093 Donald Byrd Three Trumpets 7092
Esquire 32-094 Mose Allison Creek Bank 7152
Esquire 32-096 Red Garland Ray Baretto Manteca 7139
Esquire 32-097 Gene Amons Jammin’ With Gene 7110
Esquire 32-098 Miles Davis Walkin’ 7076
Esquire 32-099 Red Garland Quintet All Mornin’ Long 7130
Esquire 32-100 Miles Davis And Modern Jazz Giants 7150
Esquire 32-101 John Coltrane Paul Quinichette Cattin’ 7158
Esquire 32-102 Coleman Hawkins Hawk Eyes 7156
Esquire 32-104 Eddie Lockjaw Davis Cookbook  7141
Esquire 32-105 Benny Golson Groovin’ With Golson NJ 8220
Esquire 32-106 Ray Bryant Alone With The Blues NJ 8213
Esquire 32-108 Miles Davis Workin’ 7166
Esquire 32-109 Monk Thelonious T.Monk Quintets 7053
Esquire 32-110 Prestige Blues-Swingers Outskirts Of Town 7145
Esquire 32-111 Jackie Mclean Jackie’s Pal 7068
Esquire 32-112 Sonny Stitt Kaleidoscope 7077
Esquire 32-113 Teo Macero With The Prestige Jazz Quartet 7104
Esquire 32-115 Thelonious Monk Sonny Rollins Work! 7075
Esquire 32-116 Red Garland Trio Red In Blueville 7157
Esquire 32-117 Coleman Hawkins Very Saxy Esquire  7167
Esquire 32-118 Miles Davis Early Miles 7025
Esquire 32-119 Thelonious Monk Trios Monk’s Moods 7027
Esquire 32-120 Kenny Burrell Earthy 7102
Esquire 32-121 Kid Punch Miller From New Orleans  –
Esquire 32-122 Hal Singer with Charlie Shavers Blue Stompin 7153
Esquire 32-123 Eric Dolphy Quintet Outward Bound NJ 8236
Esquire 32-124 Modern Jazz Quartet Modern Jazz Quartet  7057
Esquire 32-125 Benny Golson Curtis Fuller Gone With Golson NJ 8235
Esquire 32-126 Red Garland At The Prelude 7170
Esquire 32-127 Etta Jones Don’T Go To Strangers 7186
Esquire 32-128 Eddie Lockjaw Davis Jaws in Orbit  7171
Esquire 32-129 John Coltrane Lush Life 7188
Esquire 32-130 Papa Mutt Carey The Legendary (1947 recs.)  –
Esquire 32-131 Mose Allison Autumn Song 7189
Esquire 32-132 George Wallington The New York Scene  NJ 8207
Esquire 32-133 Ken Mcintyre Eric Dolphy Looking Ahead NJ 8247
Esquire 32-134 Milt Jackson Looking back at MJQ  7059
Esquire 32-135 Albert Nicholas Quartet Nick’s Jazz
Esquire 32-136 Red Garland Quintet Soul Junction 7181
Esquire 32-137 Art Farmer Farmers Market NJ 8203
Esquire 32-138 Miles Davis Steamin’ 7200
Esquire 32-139 Yusef Lateef, Cry Tender NJ 8234
Esquire 32-141 Jackie McLean McLean’s Scene NJ 8212
Esquire 32-142 Lem Winchester Benny Golson Winchester Special NJ 8223
Esquire 32-143 Steve Lacy, Soprano-Today 7125
Esquire 32-144 Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis Griffin The Tenor Scene  7191
Esquire 32-145 Kai &Jay, B Green Hip Bones  7030
Esquire 32-146 Red GarlandTrio Rojo 7193
Esquire 32-147 Gene Ammons Blue Gene 7146
Esquire 32-148 Oliver Nelson Sextet Eric Dolphy Screamin’ The Blues NJ 8243
Esquire 32-149 Art Taylor Taylor’s Tenors NJ 8219
Esquire 32-151 Gigi Gryce Sayin’ Somethin’ NJ 8230
Esquire 32-152 Lem Winchester Lem’s Beat NJ 8239
Esquire 32-153 Eric Dolphy Out There NJ 8252
Esquire 32-154 Arnett Cobb Party Time 7165
Esquire 32-155 Sonny Rollins Movin’ Out 7058
Esquire 32-156 Tommy Flanagan with John Coltrane The Cats NJ8217
Esquire 32-157 Charlie Parker Bird ‘ Is Free  –
Esquire 32-158 Lester Young Pres  –
Esquire 32-159 Peter Ind Looking Out  –
Esquire 32-160 Miff Mole And His Dixieland Band Dixieland Band  –
Esquire 32-161 King Curtis The New Scene Of King Curtis MJ 8237
Esquire 32-162 Oliver Nelson Afro / American Sketches 7225
Esquire 32-163 Roy Haynes, Just Us 7245
Esquire 32-164 Roland Kirk Jack Mcduff Kirk’s Work 7210
Esquire 32-165 Benny Golson Gettin’ With It NJ 8248
Esquire 32-166 Red Garland with John Coltrane High Pressure 7209
Esquire 32-167 Betty Roche Singin’ & Swingin’ 7185
Esquire 32-168 Oliver Nelson Eric Dolphy Straight Ahead NJ 8255
Esquire 32-169 Johnnie Pate At The Blue Note  J70P 5286
Esquire 32-170 Franz Jackson & The Original Jazz All-Stars No Saints  –
Esquire 32-171 Mose Allison Trio Ramblin With Mose 7215
Esquire 32-172 Lem Winchester With Frank Wess Another Opus NJ 8244
Esquire 32-173 Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot NJ 8260
Esquire 32-174 Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis Big Band Trane Whistle 7206
Esquire 32-175 Sonny Rollins Sonny Boy 7207
Esquire 32-176 Mal Waldron Trio Impressions NJ 8242
Esquire 32-177 Gene Ammons Boss Tenor 7180
Esquire 32-178 Gene Ammons Bad Bossanova 7257
Esquire 32-179 John Coltrane Standard Coltrane 7243
Esquire 32-180 Dave Pike Bossa Nova Carnival NJ 8281
Esquire 32-181 Gigi Gryce The Rat Race Blues NJ 8262
Esquire 32-182 Willis Jackson Thunderbird 7232
Esquire 32-183 Herb Ellis Nothing But The Blues  –
Esquire 32-184 Arnett Cobb More Party Time 7165
Esquire 32-185 Dizzy Reece Asia Minor NJ 8274
Esquire 32-186 Shirley Scott Hip Twist 7226
Esquire 32-187 Art Farmer Early Art 7665
Esquire 32-188 Oliver Nelson Joe Newman Main Stem 7236
Esquire 32-189 Oliver Nelson King Curtis Soul Battle 7223
Esquire 32-190 Speckled Red The Dirty Dozens  –
Esquire 32-191 Big Joe Williams Blue On Highway 49  –
Esquire 32-192 Jimmy Forrest Sitdown And Relax With 7235
Esquire 32-193 Danny Alvin Kings Of Dixie Play Club   -Basin St.
Esquire 32-194 Shakey City Seven + One Play Seattle  –
Esquire 32-195 John Estes The Legand Of Sleepy John Estes     –

6 thoughts on “Esquire catalogue number by Prestige number

  1. Another copy has surfaced on eBay today with full photos of both labels saying 32-196 Esquire but once again there is no outer sleeve.I wonder if it is a test pressing of an LP that was neber issued. It is jazz, by the way, Dixieland jazz!


    • At the end of the life of Esquire, it is entirely possible there were aborted projects, it would be unusual if there wasn’t. They are left as a monument to doing things right, when the world moved on to doing things wrong. The successor to Esquire’s Prestige distribution license, the Transatlantic Xtra label, are dogged with noisy inferior quality pressing.


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  3. I see you don’t have details of 32-196 and 197. 196 is a bit of a puzzle as it is supposed to be “Screamin'” by Jack McDuff and is listed as such in the 1963 Jazz Catalogue published by Jazz journal, but I have never been able to find a picture of its sleeve. Contrariwise there was a picture of a seemingly home-made sleeve of 32-196 containing a record with an Esquire label but it was of The Storyville Stompers and the LP’s title was “Riverboat rambling with the Storyville Stompers”. Unfortunately the photo wasn’t very good and it is difficult to make the label out. I have never been able to find another photo of this either. The Jack McDuff 32-196 was not reviewed in The Gramophone and when it was reissued in 1967 on Transatlantic (or Xtra?) the Gramophone review didn’t mention a previous British issue. Does anybody know the truth about this?
    The 1963 Jazz Catalogue also lists 32-197 as being by Walt Gifford’s New Yorkers but I have never seen a photo of an Esquire sleeve for this. I could send scans of what I have but there doesn’t seem to be a facility for this here. Best wishes, David Mansell


    • Hi and thanks for the input. In the death-throws of Esquire it is clear they started a few desperate local publishing efforts, to no avail, as they went under just the same. I maintain a purposeful blind spot on their non-jazz titles, but always willing to add stuff for the sake of completeness.


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