John Coltrane Traneing In (1957)

Track Selection 1:Slow Dance

Track selection 2: You Leave Me Breathless


John Coltrane (ts) Red Garland (p) Paul Chambers (b) Art Taylor (d) recorded Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, August 23, 1957


It’s early Coltrane, what more do you need to know? With a pedigree back to the late Fifties, this is a recording which still has lots of musical nourishment in it. ( Pardon, LJC, is this a dog food commercial?)


1966 Transatlantic UK release of Prestige PRLP 7123 entitled “John Coltrane With The Red Garland Trio” (1957)  reissued as PR 7651  “John Coltrane – Traneing In

Another of those delightful undervalued Transatlantic pressings, dating back to before the watershed 1973 oil price shock sent the quality of pressing into a downward spiral.  Clear clean direct presentation, the turntable sounds very happy taking this for a drive. Walkies! 

Collectors Corner

A shop purchase, not especially rare, fails to raise the pulse of battle-hardened collectors who would insist on the original Prestige 7123  release on New York labels. For some reason there wasn’t one in the shop that day. Ah yes, I remember why –

Ouch! Even the first reissue as Prestige 7651 fetches over $200. With Transatlantic releases generally priced at under £20 it is an attractive audiophile option, and by 1966 a fair number of record collectors had decent turntables, by-passing the preceding decade of scratching and scuffing. Good news all round for vinyl lovers, if not the private-island-and-submarine variety

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