Erich Kleinschuster Vol.2: Joe Henderson/Dusko Goykovich (1968-70) Wallen Bink (2022)

Selection rip 1: Joe Henderson Recorda Me 

.  .  .

Selection rip 2: Dusko Goykovich Madison Walk

.  .  .


6tet with Joe Henderson
1.1. Mamacita (5:39) Trompeta Toccata (1965)
1.2. Recorda Me (6:35) Page One 1963
1.3. Chelsea Bridge (4:47) The Kicker 1967
2.1. Inner Urge (5:15) Inner Urge 1964 
2.2. The Kicker (5:00) Song for My Father 1963-4
2.3. Serenity (4:55) – In ‘n Out 1964

6tet with Dusko Goykovic
3.1. Formel (7:32)
3.2. Tell It Like It Is (5:34)
3.3. A Dream Realized (5:32)
4.1. Sega Se Karame (7:32)
4.2. As Usual (4:01)
4.3. Madison Walk (4:41)
4.4. Moustache (4:17)


Erich Kleinschuster, trombone; Jimmy Woode, Rudolf Hansen, Bass; Erich Bachträgel, Drums, Percussion; Fritz Ozmec, Percussion; Rudi Wilfer, Piano; Fritz Pauer, piano, Fender Rhodes; Hans Salomon, Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Robert Politzer, trumpet; Guests: Joe Henderson, Tenor Saxophone; Dusko Goykovich, trumpet. 

Recorded at ORF Studios, Vienna, Austria; October 13, 1968, December 2, 1969, January 9 and 15, 1970; mastered and lacquer cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London UK, pressed by The Vinyl Press UK; Frank Parry, production, reissue producer.


Austrian bandleader and trombonist Erich Kleinschuster rubbed shoulders with many better known visiting and expatriate American jazzmen, and Austrian state radio ORF offered an ideal studio venue for recording and broadcasting these performances. ORF’s staple diet was classical music, engineers adapted well for small combo jazz.

The Dusko Goykovich sessions are not present on the 2005 CD’s, and  came to light only in the preparation of this vinyl release. Many of the ORF jazz broadcast sessions have never been released at all. In addition to the Wallen Bink series, there were sessions recorded with guests including Phil Woods, John Surman, Benny Bailey, Norwegian jazz singer Karen Krog and possibly many others, a rich seam of musical gold. Do I hear Volume IV on the horizon?

Kleinschuster 6tet ORF Volume 2 – Henderson/Goykovich

Pictured: Joe Henderson, Vienna 1968 . Pictured: Sonny Stitt, New York 1956, pure coincidence, surely?

Sonny Stitt: ROYAL  ROOST LP 2208 (1956)

The Henderson selections are all from his familiar 1963-7 Blue Note and Milestone playbook, which gave the Austrian sextet ample material from which to prepare their arrangements. I’m particularly fond of the spirited latin swinger “Recorda Me”, which first featured on Henderson’s 1963 Blue Note album, Page One, Kenny Dorham on trumpet. There is a clarity of thought in the arrangements that sounds particularly good with an extended brass section. Strayhorn’s standard Chelsea Bridge, from The Kicker, gives the mighty Flanagan Trio Overseas session in Sweden a run for its money. 

Pictured: Dusko Goykovich (also spelled Gojkovic and other variations)

Yugoslavian-born international jazz trumpeter, composer and arranger, Goykovich first met Erich Kleinschuster after moving to Frankfurt in 1958, and they performed together throughout the ’60s.

A musical chameleon, Goykovich played in varied jazz settings, on Yugoslav radio broadcasts Radio-Televisja Beograd, becoming an early fixture of the Clarke Boland Big Band , recording with many artists in Yurope and the US with his blend of contemporary American sensibility and Balkan folk legacy. The pacy selection Madison Walk from the ORF session fits nicely into mid ’60s Art Blakey, Miles Davis and Oliver Nelson mould.

I don’t know the originals in this set, coming from a range of obscure albums, including one from Swinging Macedonia – an ultra-rare EMI Odeon Lansdowne title, that fetches close $1,000. This is a welcome excursion into the unknown, which adds interest to the familiar Henderson playbook.

Vinyl: Wallen Bink WB015 double 33rpm 180-gram LPs

The quality of this set is extraordinary, up with the best of AAA modern reissues, pressed at the legendary factory EMI Hayes, Middlesex. Middlesex, the first non-binary British county, who’d’a thunk it?” “The Vinyl Factory stepped in to take over the EMI pressing plant at the turn of the century”  I assume not the whole original plant.

There are still a few quality control aspects that The Vinyl Factory need to address – dusty grooves, and isolated groove detritus (I should add, none on these 4 sides)

Collector’s Corner

Some of these ORF recordings were remastered for CD in 2005 by EmArcy (Austria), perhaps with limited sales, copies seem scarce.

Take an Austria-Break

The English sense of humour thrives on irony, misdirection and play-on-words, and all countries have jokes that poke fun at stereotypes of their neighbors. Paddys, Newfies, Poms, and oh those Scandinavians are waspish (“How do you sink a Swedish submarine? Give it a Norwegian crew” What happens when the dumbest Norwegian moves to Sweden? The average IQ of both countries increases.).

I struggled to find Austrian humour but enjoyed this 

Austrian visitor entering France arrives at passport control
Passport control: “Nationality?”
Austrian: “Austrian”
Passport control: “Occupation?”
Austrian: “Nein, just vacation” 
To conclude this Austrian sojourn, Kleinschuster Volume 3 – Carmel Jones, Slide Hampton and Art Farmer, post to follow: 
Have I outsmarted Cecil Taylor, The Spelling Terminator, this week?
LJC is a politics-free zone, but historical events sometimes require exceptions 
Current events, breaking news. LJC: personally a big fan of the Queen (and the departed Prince Philip), “The Monarchy” not so much, nor some of the Royal Family, a motley crew including Epstein buddy Prince Andrew and the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex Netflix.  Sorry to lose the good lady, a class act, hard to follow, probably Mission Impossible. God Save The King.      And us.
Update, unfolding: United in grief, Reconciliation, Redemption, Rehabilitation, A New Dawn,  adoring  media reinvent  Monarchy II. We are his loyal subjects, Long Live The King! 
Is this Game of Thrones or what?

9 thoughts on “Erich Kleinschuster Vol.2: Joe Henderson/Dusko Goykovich (1968-70) Wallen Bink (2022)

  1. This was the set that caught my attention and my copy arrived just a day or two ago. Superb in every way: great music, impeccable presentation/packaging, flawless pressing. There’s a lot of hugely enjoyable music in this set to get acquainted with and I shall enjoy doing this over the coming long weekend.

    Records like this are clearly first and foremost a labour of love. They aren’t overpriced and attention to detail is evident in every single aspect. Chapeau, Wallen Bink!


  2. In 2018 I tracked down a Yugoslav copy of Swinging Macedonia from a gentleman in Rostov-on-Don for about £80 which is about the most I’ve ever paid for a slice of plastic in a paper sleeve. But money well spent if like me, you enjoy Goykovich’s take on Miles Davis meets an Emir Kusturica soundtrack. I’d love to know what Mal Waldron made of the session.
    It arrived covered in a plethora of World Cup 2018 postage stamps, all seemed good with the world.

    ..and yes he is wearing an Aston Villa shirt.


  3. How wonderful, especially recorda me!!! And Fritz Pauer at his best!!!! Would you mind to put the other tracks online too? Never heard this recording before!


    • Sorry Sam, that would be breach of copyright, and outside of “fair use” for education and research, known as “piracy”. I would encourage you to buy the records.

      However, someone has posted up the two 2005 Austrian CD editions of the ORF sessions to Youtube, not my audio quality, not my responsibility.


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