Blue Note reissue specialist announces new product range

Vinyl Resurrection Press Release: April 1, 2017

Vinyl Resurrection Inc, the specialist Blue Note  audiophile reissue company, today announced a major addition to their Blue Note product range. Vice-president Tom Bola told a meeting of music journalists and investors that the company would shortly introduce a vinyl reissue series using  never before heard innovative technology to offer an even more authentic and immersive experience of original Blue Note Records.

New Product Development Vice-President Tom Bola said:

“At Vinyl Resurrection, we are very proud  of  our Blue Note audiophile-quality editions, renowned for their  information-rich detail, wide soundstage stereo engineering, on silent vinyl. These have proved very popular with collectors,  but some have asked for greater authenticity, a record that sounds closer to the original Blue Note experience, more like those produced in the golden era of the ’50s and 60s.

We  have listened closely  to what people want, and in addition, listened closely to vintage copies of these outstanding recordings. As a result, I am proud to announce we are  launching  a major new initiative which we feel will be of great interest to original Blue Note collectors: the Vinyl Resurrection  Blue Note VG-minus Heritage Collection”

Blue Note VG-minus Heritage Collection

Working closely with our engineering partner, RTI (Retro-grade Technology  Inc.) we have developed a highly innovative manufacturing process, Simulated Vintage Pressing (SVP™) which delivers  authentic-sounding  original vinyl: random surface noise, clicks, pops, scratches, and other imperfections have been painstakingly incorporated into the vinyl production stage. Thanks to our unique SVP™ technology, these editions even include  skips, jumps, and an occasional needle stick, just like those on  original copies collectors  could only previously obtain through on-line auction sites.

The  VG-minus Heritage Series has not limited itself to reproducing “vintage-sounding” vinyl.  Covers of the “Original Collector’s Series”  will come with split seams as standard, poorly-squared liner notes, and include handwriting on the cover, such as fictitious previous owner’s names, fake date of purchase, critical opinions, even the occasional salutation, like Happy Birthday John, xxx Mum.

In future we plan to adding further vintage period cover features, such as yellowing  Sellotape seam-binding, and basement-storage water stains. The search for greater authenticity has no limits”, said Mr Bola.

“The pricing of this new series has not yet been finalised, but we would expect it to follow closely that of original Blue Notes, starting in high three figures. Production runs will be strictly limited to simulate Blue Note scarcity. “We want collectors to enjoy the full Blue Note collecting experience” said Mr Bola. “Hard-to-find, over-priced, and generally knackered”.

[Press Copy Ends]

Be the first to hear a sample from the Blue Note Collector’s VG-minus Heritage Series, featuring Simulated Vintage Pressing ™, with a full nine minutes of the very wonderful and mysterious oriental track Bedouin from the Duke Pearson title Wahoo! exactly as jazz enthusiasts heard it sixty years ago.

Blue Note Collector’s VG-minus Heritage Edition:

Bedouin (Duke Pearson)

Special LJC Pre-Launch Offer

In advance of the official release date of 31st June to accompany the launch of the Blue Note VG-minus Heritage Series, LondonJazzCollector has ten white label promo copies to give away, of the first title in the VG-minus series, Duke Pearson’s “Wahoo!”

Applications  should be accompanied by a plausible anagram of  the label name “Vinyl Resurrection”, entry code A-F 00 L, and must be received before noon, April 1.


UPDATE April 2, 2017,  Time’s up, all is revealed.

It’s an LJC tradition. Apologies to all fools, everywhere.

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LJC also recommends: Travellers Guide To San Seriffe the mother of all April Fool jokes published by London’s  Guardian newspaper some years ago, an intoxicating mixture in which Typography Meets TripAdvisor, preserved on Wikipedia. Enjoy.


37 thoughts on “Blue Note reissue specialist announces new product range

  1. 31 June 2017 is a hallowed day in the Celtic calendar and thus appropriate as a record release date. I’m afraid I won’t be buying any VG- vinyl because I collect only g- vinyl (the more scratches the better). I especially welcome true groove lock.

  2. Excellent! This is especially timely given the kinds of prices people are shelling out for the vintage items,an upward trend which seems unending. Of course,when I list my OWN vinyl,the prices seem more,um,reasonable? Very strange…

  3. Yup ….. this took me a full 24 hours of being in disbelief at the adsurdity of the VG- idea …… before I looked at the date of the post and realized my “foolishness”. Very clever. With all the millenial hipsters out there, I wouldn’t doubt they could conjur up such a legitimate idea.

    • he fooled me the first year i read, too.

      as such a millenial hipster, i suppose it is my duty to chide you for stereotypes, but i’d be lying to myself. i know so many people my age who listen to terrible music in terrible condition, but they feel so cool because it’s records. sigh. that being said, a very occasional pop or crack is a warm thing. but like… once per side. haha.

  4. I look forward to these posts every year. this was a really great one. the most believable in the three years i’ve been a reader.

    similar to comments echoed elsewhere, i’ll wait for the ones with listening notes: “for best results, a tracking weight of 25g is recommended, and the record should be stored horizontally outside the jacket on the radiator. use as a coaster for at least one week. vinyl sounds best after use for frisbee golf.”

    also, like so many “VG-” blue notes, the sound on that clip is only really instrusive for the first minute or so. after that it’s very nice. no doubt the result of lots of handling at the edges by older generations. rats!

  5. Dear LJC, Well done. It put me in mind of the great Irish satirist Flann O’Brien’s “book-handling service”. Too many people, he claimed, had vast libraries of unread books and were shamed by this. He therefore offered the following book-handling service — guaranteed to make all books look well-read. It consisted of three levels of service:

    Popular Handling (well and truly handled, four leaves in each to be dog-eared, and a tram ticket, cloak-room docket or other comparable article inserted in each as a forgotten book-mark);

    Premier Handling (thoroughly handled, eight leaves in each to be dog-eared, a suitable passage in not less than 25 volumes to be underlined in red pencil, and a leaflet in French on the works of Victor Hugo to be inserted as a forgotten book-mark in each);

    De Luxe Handling (each volume to be mauled savagely, the spines of the smaller volumes to be damaged in a manner that will give the impression that they have been carried around in pockets, a passage in every volume to be underlined in red pencil with an exclamation or interrogation mark inserted in the margin opposite, an old Gate Theatre programme to be inserted in each volume as a forgotten book-mark [3 percent discount if old Abbey programmes are accepted], not less than 30 volumes to be treated with old coffee, tea, porter or whiskey stains, and not less than five volumes to be inscribed with forged signatures of the authors).

    A pint of plain is your only man. Slàinte!

  6. I do hope they will reissue “Elvis Presley Sings Thelonious Monk”, I’ve never been able to find a copy of that…..

  7. Can not match the original sound and over, add noises, it seems like a joke of bad taste.

    [Sorry my sense of humour is not to your taste. Thank you for commenting anyway. – LJC]

  8. Reading this before my first coffee this morning, I said.. “boy that’s a crappy name for a reissue series!”. thanks for the laughs!

  9. Is there a buy-up option for enhanced mildew smells, cigarette burns and dirty fingerprints?

    Glad to see with Brexit you haven’t lost your sense of humour.

  10. Please tell me where to sign up for the subscription series! I just threw out all my MM33’s, that Pearson track sounds just like my original VG- Blue Notes!!! 🙂

    • I’m saying nuthin’, just watch this space.

      Despite all the clicks, that copy of Wahoo! – which is the real deal – sounds better than every other issue I have pitted against it, so I decided it was a keeper, despite it being the lowest grade I own.

      It’s a Zen thing. Can you tune out the noises and stay focussed on the music? It can be hard, but with practice I think it is possible, if there is strength in the underlying music and engineering.


  11. Ha, nice one – and might I suggest a ‘legacy’ issue of the beige-only Applause label after this VG- run !

  12. its the 1st April you know 😉 Thx………Gareth

    From: LondonJazzCollector To: Sent: Saturday, 1 April 2017, 5:29 Subject: [New post] Blue Note reissue specialist announces new product range #yiv3936413890 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3936413890 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3936413890 a.yiv3936413890primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3936413890 a.yiv3936413890primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3936413890 a.yiv3936413890primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3936413890 a.yiv3936413890primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3936413890 | LondonJazzCollector posted: “Vinyl Resurrection Press Release: April 1, 2017Vinyl Resurrection Inc, the specialist Blue Note  audiophile reissue company, today announced a major addition to their Blue Note product range. Vice-president Tom Bola told a meeting of music journal” | |

  13. Hello LJC,

    I’d like to receive one of your promo-copies. Please, send to this adress:

    Ben Korzelius

    ATOS RADIO ‘So What!’

    Augustijnenkamp 20

    3311 XC Dordrecht- Holland


    Jazzy greetings,


  14. some time ago, in 1967, the Beatles published Sgt. Pepper. there was a Macca song, When I’m Sixty-Four, not the best in the album but one that has always remained in my head. then I was 14. today I’m 64.

  15. Hopefully this new series will feature authentic jacket cut outs, stains, tears and blunted corners! I would love a promo copy!

  16. Hopefully this this series will feature authentic jacket cut outs, stains, tears and blunted corners! I would love a promo copy!

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