Kind of Blue Data Collection – what’s your six-eye matrix?


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I didn’t want my mailbox jammed with everyone telling me what KoB matrices they have got (some did anyway, great) – but then I had a brainwave: Polldaddy!  Hopefully this will work. If it doesn’t then there’s nothing lost, except I … Continue reading

Collector’s Guide to Contemporary Records Part I (updated)


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SUNDAY UPDATE: Guide to Contemporary 3500 series back covers now added to permanent pages for Guide to the  Contemporary Records  label. (If you are able to provide better picture of original back cover with coloured text and frame, all contributions … Continue reading

Hottest Jazz LP Covers Ever. Poll included. Updated.


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HOTTEST COVERS More late entries! I’ve caved in under pressure, 18 late entries join the foot of the post and added to the Poll. It’s only a bit of Christmas fun isn’t it? No LJC, covers is serious. Nice blog. Shame if anything … Continue reading

Calling all Prestige LP-owners


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No, it doesn’t exist. At least not yet. With the invaluable help of Diego S, LJC’s Head of Special Projects Involving Quite Complicated Things, LJC is launching an appeal for information from Prestige collectors  about the records they own, in forensic detail.  We … Continue reading